LED Lighting Service

You save on your electric bill with our LED projects!

OBF ( On Bill Financing) ProgramĀ 

Our recent projects

The ROI of our LED lighting projects is about 1 - 3.5 years.

We are a professional LED lighting installation company. We are willing to travel in PG&E, SCE, SDG&E and SMUD areas.

LED 2×4 fixtures

– Our recent Installs include K-12 Schools, Pet Store Chain, Medical Center, Restaurants, Government offices, Parking Lots, Multi-family dwellings, Mini-mall stores and Retail.

– Madera County offices and many locations.

– Energy Saving: 44 – 72%.

LED linear Low Bay

– Installed for the La Superior Markets and other grocery markets.

– Energy Saving: 37.5%

LED High Bay

– Installed for many locations.

– Energy Saving: 62.5%

LED Pole light (ShoeBox)

– Installed for many parking lots.

– Energy Saving: 62.5%


Low Bay

High Bay


Commercial Lighting

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